LIBRA - Oracle Reading for the Year Ahead!

Happy birthday month, Libra! It's your turn to be in the spotlight, and I've pulled some cards from both my Story Cards and Synchronicity decks to give you guidance for the year ahead. 

This year, your central issue will involve finding balance (your signature trait!) between exploration and motherhood. This is always a challenge for women, but it is even more so for the effervescent, charming Libra. You gain energy from being in social situations where you can let your wit and dynamic personality shine, so being stuck at home  can make you feel off-kilter. You long to travel, and you may feel that this is a central element of your well-being. Yet it's difficult when family obligations make travel both expensive and difficult.

The cards area saying you must be gentle with yourself. Don't feel guilty for wanting to explore and be in the spotlight. This is your nature. It does keep you happy. And you will gain both wisdom and healing by accepting this part of yourself without judgement. 

Meditate on warm pink light as a way to suffuse yourself with healing. And truly try to honor your social self. Get a babysitter if you have young children. Go out with friends locally.  Even planning dinner parties or gatherings at home will be helpful. Best of all, this year would be a great time to start planning for a big adventure. Just knowing it is in the works will cheer your Libra soul.

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  • Leslie on

    What a fun way to look at my year ahead! Balance is truly my signature theme, and I find it in the moments between working out/self care and socializing. :-) I love the thought of meditating on warm pink light for healing and will look forward to another big adventure! Beautiful cards… the colors, art and meaning.

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