Creating My Flower Medicine Oracle Deck - Oleander

Creating an oracle deck is such a transformative journey! It's a chance to dive deeply into a subject matter and find your voice as an artist as you paint an extended series. I've created 2 decks so far, the Story Cards oracle deck & my Synchronicity deck. Each has been a deeply personal journey into archetype and my own creative process. I enjoy creating decks so much because they allow me to focus on something that I love right now. Decks let me have yearlong infatuations! And this year, you may have noticed, I am in love with flowers

It all started last spring when my city, Asheville, bloomed into a riot of color after the final thaw in March. It had been a particularly harsh winter, and the spring flowers felt healing. I suddenly found myself suggesting Flora for tea, coffee and art dates. On one of those art dates, I confessed to my friends that I only wanted to paint flowers for awhile. I knew it would be a different genre than my encaustic narrative artwork, but it felt like each flower I painted gave me a little bit of its magical energy. Painting flowers made me happy, and each flower became a study in creating harmony - just like the flowers themselves! Here is a timelapse video of one of my flower paintings: Oleander.  And if you'd like to learn to paint expressive flowers yourself, I have a new class called Painting Modern Expressive Flowers!

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