Virgo - Love Oracle Reading for the Year Ahead

Virgo Love Reading 2019-20

Happy birthday, Virgo! If you were born between Aug 23 and Sept. 22, this is your sun sign month, and I did a special oracle card spread for you using my Soulmate Oracle Cloth and Story Cards Deck

Your heart's desire this year is for JOY in your relationship after a bit of stormy weather on the homefront in the past few months. The ROOTED card represents a strong foundation for your home despite the high winds that have threatened it recently. Your home and love survived this storm because you have strong roots together. This is a wonderful accomplishment, and you should be proud. It makes perfect sense that you would hope for a renewal of JOY (interestingly, this card pictures a 'house of joy' so there is a literal emphasis on the home in this reading). 

As for love, there is an interesting dynamic here. You definitely value marriage or UNION, while your partner values your deep FRIENDSHIP. These two values are not mutually exclusive, though they may be cause for conflict at times.  Yet, above all, the two of you are kindred spirits who look out for one another always.

The main issue between you this month has to do with MOTHERHOOD. Perhaps you desire a child, but your partner isn't ready. Or possibly you are having difficulty balancing motherhood with your relationship.  The cards ask that you follow your INTUITION and be ready for a CROSSING or transition in this area over the year ahead.

Dear Virgo, you have a very strong relationship with your partner. Remember that the two of you are uniquely suited to one another. Yes, you wish for everything to be perfectly wrapped up in a nice bow for your birthday month, but be patient, follow your intuition, and know that change takes time and can be messy.  Yet your strong love relationship ultimately has what it takes to fill your home with joy.

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