NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook
Cathy Nichols

NEW!! Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook

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JUST RELEASED! The Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook (Digital Ebook)

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Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe with the Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook

This digital guidebook is the perfect addition to the physical Synchronicity Deck cards! Move beyond the basics and immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of the cards with this new 198-page Extended Guidebook  designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your readings. While the standard booklet included with each deck offers a valuable starting point, this premium digital guidebook unfolds a universe of detailed interpretations, expert insights, and transformative practices that promise to elevate your spiritual exploration to new height.


  • Comprehensive Interpretations: Navigate through the intricate meanings of each of the 77 enchanting cards with ease. Our guide provides a detailed exploration of both upright and reversed positions, ensuring you grasp the full spectrum of insights each card presents.

  • Expert Guidance for Readings: Whether you’re seeking personal clarity or wishing to illuminate the path for others, our guide offers step-by-step instructions on conducting meaningful readings. Learn to connect deeply with the deck, and harness the power of synchronicity in your everyday life.

  • Sacred Care for Your Deck: Elevate your spiritual practice with our tips on cleansing, energizing, and creating a sacred space for your readings. Treat your deck with the reverence it deserves, and watch as it becomes a more potent tool for guidance.

  • Dynamic Card Spreads: Uncover the secrets to performing six key card spreads, designed to unveil the messages the universe is eager to share. From simple guidance to complex reflections, these spreads are tailored to answer your most profound questions. 

  • A Year of Transformation: Embark on a year-long journey with our special reading utilizing the deck's four Season cards. Witness your growth and the unfolding of your path with this powerful reflective practice.

  • Inspired Questions for Deeper Insights: Not sure where to start? Our list of sample questions for each of the seven card spreads will spark your curiosity and guide your inquiry into the realms of your deepest truths.

  • Seamless Navigation: Jump directly to the card you're drawn to with our hyperlinked Table of Contents. This digital guidebook ensures quick access to the insights you seek, making your reading experience fluid and intuitive.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound spiritual connection with the Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned oracle card readers, this guide will become an indispensable tool in your exploration of the synchronicities that weave through every aspect of our lives.

Embrace the journey. Unlock your potential. Discover the synchronicity!


Your Synchronicity Deck Extended Guidebook is an instant download and will be at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Your guidebook is delivered in PDF format, universally compatible with all devices—be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  You can read it right away by opening the document.

While you don't need a special app to read this guidebook, I love using a free app to store all of my ebooks and read them just like regular books. Here are some of my suggestions for all of your devices (all of these apps are FREE):

Google Play Books on the Google Play Store - these work for Android devices.

Apple Books (pre-installed on ios devices) - this app works for iPhone and iPad

Adobe Acrobat Reader- works on Windows and MacOs desktop systems.


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