SCORPIO - Love Reading for the Year Ahead

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Happy birthday, Scorpio! This is your birthday month, and I have done a special "Scorpio Love Reading" for your year ahead using BOTH of my decks (Story Cards and Synchronicity Deck). This year will be all about the Power of Two. If you are in a relationship, this will mean that the two of you as a couple have the opportunity to be a force for good in your family and community. Your love will be a shelter, role model and inspiration to others. It is a good year to host a family party to give others in your periphery a center for joy. It's also a good year to volunteer as a couple in the neighborhood. The two of you have a special bond that will really shine this year and make those around you more hopeful.  

If you are not in a committed relationship, the Power of Two - or the Community card -- is an invitation to get more involved in your community in order to meet that special someone. Volunteer. Join the gym. Say "yes" to some of those interesting local events that pop-up on your Facebook feed! The cards indicate that "Community" is the way to love this year.

This reading (my Soulmate Love Reading) also gives some insight into each member of the relationship. You, Scorpio, are on the left side of the spread, and your love is on the right. The cards indicate that you are very romantic and guided by serendipity in your life and love. This year, you are feeling called to fall more deeply in love and set off with your partner on adventures. Like the Prince card, you are strong, loyal and willing to fight for the values you uphold. You have a heart of gold to match your golden crown.

Your partner is on the right side of the spread. He or she is an Artist (visual, musical, poetical or theatrical) who is also a very ingenious problem-solver (The Fox). Your partner sees solutions to problems that others do not. Your partner has been through some trying times that made him/her feel that life was deeply uncertain (perhaps a loss of home or love). This makes your partner extra-sensitive to taking care of you. He/she wants to hold your hand through trying times. 

The cards also indicate what the two of you can learn from each other and what your union can teach the world.  Your partner will learn to recover from sorrow, and you will learn to tune in to your inner guidance by leading with love rather than logic. Interestingly, your relationship will remind others that magical coincidences can bring two people together, and that some love can, indeed, be written in the stars.

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