Let's Dance
Let's Dance
Let's Dance
Cathy Nichols

Let's Dance

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Let's Dance is an 18 x 18 x 2.25 inch original mixed media painting on museum quality, ultra-deep cradled canvas.

This painting is a love story, and lots of love went into each layer and brush stroke.  These two goldfinches are about to dance through the skies now that the top goldfinch (female) has spied her partner, the bright yellow (male) perched on an echinacea flower. On the side of the painting, a bit of player piano paper reads, "where we met dear."  And there are many varieties of zinnia flowers within this piece including: "Jazzy," "Peppermint Stick" and the large, magenta "Giant Cactus." 

Mixed media elements include pages from a French romance novel, pages from a gardening dictionary, handmade Nepalese paper and snippets of paper collected from my travels.


Signed & titled and fitted with wire to hang on the wall without a frame. The sides are painted black. 

Please allow 5-7 days for this piece to be properly boxed up and shipped to you. I want to be sure she remains safe!




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