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Joy of Painting
Enrollment Open January 1-15, 2023

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What is Joy of Painting? 

"How could I help others tap into the kind of creativity that feels endlessly abundant and expresses something special & unique to each person?" -- Cathy Nichols

I like to think of Joy of Painting as an online “spark box” of painterly inspiration delivered to you each month by a caring mentor.  I know how exciting it feels to learn a new technique, discover a game-changing tool, or find new a color palette that sings!  That’s why I take great pride in developing a new painting lesson each month that will move you forward as an artist and spark your imagination.  And, as a member, you also aren't limited to just the new lesson of the month; you also have unlimited access to the entire catalogue of past months while enrolled.

My specialties are florals, collage, mixed-media and color; and I love showing you how I create paintings so that you can learn from them, apply my techniques to your own skills, and grow your unique artistic practice. To keep things interesting, we'll also have guest speakers and occasional lessons inspired by master artists.  My hope is that Joy of Painting brings you more joy and helps you tap into the kind of creativity that feels endlessly abundant and nourishes your artistic soul.  

What's  Included with Joy of Painting?

A New Art Project Each Month

I've chosen each monthly project with care to help you follow your joy, tap into your gifts and keep developing as an artist. Core content revolves around 4 main areas: Creativity & Flow, Technique, Personal Vision and Inspiration from Master Artists. On the 1st of each month, you'll say hello to a new video tutorial, step-by-step PDF and color palette to keep you growing and thriving as an artist.  

Unlimited Access to Our Catalogue of Courses
(while enrolled)

As long as you are a member of Joy of Painting, you have access to our entire catalogue of past lessons. Dip in whenever you need inspiration -- it's like Netflix for your creativity!

A Clear Path to Success

Learn how to tap into your vision, understand the path to success and chart your progress along this transformative journey.  

COMMUNITY! With bi-Annual Live Zoom Parties 

Not only will you have access to a community of artists who will share your journey and support in our private group, but we will celebrate together live 2x per year on Zoom with raffles, prizes and giveaways!

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