Supplies for My Classes

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Cathy's Curated List of Supplies

Bargain Section

If you are on a super-tight budget, here are a few paint sets that won't break the bank:

White Charcoal Pencil (3 pack plus good sharpener)

Acrylic Paint Value Pack by Craftsmart (16 colors for $16.99)

Decoart 34 Color Pack - pot colors

Dick Blick Matte Basics (they come in 3 different kinds of sets for $11.65 each)

Acrylic Paint:

Golden Fluid Acrylics Starter Kit - I love this Golden kit because it contains beautiful colors that flow nicely on small surfaces like our wood boards. Plus, Golden has an amazing online color mixing app that helps you mix any color by RGB or CMYK values using their sets!!! So fun.

If you are on a tight budget, I also love the Target Handmade Modern paints.

This is the set I use myself (it is usually quite expensive but is on sale right now, so I've added it here):  Golden Heavy Body Modern Color Mixing Set of 8.


Gel pens:

Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll Pens -- I adore this set, and they are currently on sale through Amazon. The moonlight pens show up beautifully on dark colors. 


If you like adding glitter to your work (not everyone does, but it can be fun!), the Sakura Stardust Collection is also wonderful.


White gel pens & Black gel pens . These are my go-to pens for detail work. You can buy them in 3-packs on Amazon or as singles in Michael's & most local art stores. (If you follow the link for the white pens, it also allows you to buy the black ones as an option).


Paint Pens:

While I love gel pens for their fine lines and beautiful effects on dark colors, they are water-soluble. If you prefer a non-water-based pen for your acrylic work, Uni-Posca extra fine point paint pens work well on small surfaces - you can buy these as singles, too, to try them out. Micron black pens in .25 are another of my go-tos for details.

Water-Soluble Crayons:

Caran-D'ache Crayon in White: I love having one of these water-soluble crayons handy. They really help with backgrounds!

Spray Inks:

There are many brands available. I use Dylusions by Ranger, and here are two of my favorite colors - teal & pink (but there are tons of colors).

India Inks:

These Daler-Rowney india inks are fun for drippy, mixed-media backgrounds, and they come in gorgeous colors. Be sure to scroll down for color options -- one or two is plenty!


Paint Brushes: 

You can use any brushes that you have on hand, but here are 3 different brushes that I use regularly:

  1. I recommend a small detail brush, and this small Princeton one is very affordable. Princeton is my favorite brand for acrylic brushes.   
  2. I also use a flat 1/4" shader also by Princeton. It is nice and stiff so that you can use the edge as well as the tip (be sure to select the flat shader from the options, not the angle). 
  3. And this 1" flat wash brush is also very handy for 'large' spaces on your 3x5 inch boards.


Water Spray Bottle

You can use any water sprayer you have in the house - but if you need one for the studio, this Holbein sprayer for watercolorists is affordable and a nice size. I  use mine for watercolor effects and backgrounds.


Watercolor Paper

You will love how I use watercolor paper in class! Any brand is fine. I used this 6x6 pad


Gelli Plate:

Gelli plates come in a wide variety of sizes (and even shapes). I use this 6x6 inch gelli plate, but any other size is fine, too.



I use this Speedball 4" rubber brayer. It pops in and out for easy cleaning, and is the perfect size.


Paper supplies:

Newsprint pad or scrap paper for cleaning your brayer. 

Palette Paper (I have recently started using a stay-wet palette, and I really love the way it keeps my acrylic paints wet so that I can leave a project and come back to it without re-mixing my paints. But paper plates make very affordable palettes, too! 

Drawing pad - any paper you have or drawing journal is just fine. This is just a place to sketch out your ideas.

Tracing paper - tracing paper is great for image transfers. A small pad will go far because we are working on such small canvases.

Gray Toned Paper - This paper looks fantastic with monoprint transfers.

Wood blanks:

You have received 25 of these beauties in your kit, but you can also get more wood blanks from me here if you run out!

Glue Stick (or any kind of adhesive like acrylic gel medium or glue) these UHUs are my favorites because they don't dry out:

Just added -- also fun to have:

Washi Tape  

Holiday Gift Wrap Washi Tape:


Watercolor Galaxy Washi tape -- this set comes with little moon stickers, too!


Vintage Flowers & Gold Foil (really, you can get lost in washi tape -- there are so many beautiful designs! But these are some of the most useful.)






Saiji Gooseneck Smartphone holder

Adjustable gooseneck phone holder 


Gorilla Tripod (Joby for large iphones - there is one for smaller iphones, too)


Studio Lights for photography: On sale! Great price.