Painting Flowers mixed media
painting flowers mixed media
mixed media techniques for flowers
mixed media techniques for flowers
mixed media techniques for flowers
mixed media flower art
mixed media floral workshop
mixed media floral workshop
mixed media floral workshop
mixed media floral workshop
mixed media flower art
Painting Modern Expressive Flowers

Painting Modern Expressive Flowers

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Learn to paint mixed-media flowers!

Feeling burned out? Do you want to channel your creativity into paintings of harmonious beauty that will lift your spirits and bring you back to the joy of playing with color and mixed media? I felt the same way last winter, and that is why I created this new course, Painting Modern Expressive Flowers! 

 About the Class

Class is instant access!

In this mixed media floral workshop, you'll learn:

  • Mixed media Techniques for Flowers

  • Drawing Flowers with Ease (and without overwhelm)

  • Painting Flowers and Giving them Dimension with COLOR and LINE

  • How to Paint Expressive Backgrounds in warm and cool harmonious palettes

  • How to Collage Expressive Backgrounds  

  • How to put all of these skills together  - Drawing, Painting and Collage to create your own modern expressive flower paintings. 

  • Throughout the class, I'll emphasize how to achieve color harmony and pleasing compositions in your flower paintings and beyond.

  • The course includes over 17 pre-recorded video tutorials that you download to keep, re-watch and learn from at your own pace. 

3 Finished Paintings -- you will walk away from this course with 3 finished mixed media floral paintings that you can hang on the wall or give as gifts (or sell!)

Special Perks

  • Gorgeous Reference Photos (I will provide beautiful reference photos for each project and video tutorial. You may always use your own photos or live flowers, too)
  • Shared Color Palette (So that you can truly follow along with me, all of the paintings will be done with 7 core colors plus white, gray, titan buff and black, For a low-budget alternative, I also show you how to substitute the colors you have at home already to get similar results).
  • Community- Building Platform (I use Ruzuku so that we can share our work in our own private classroom)

JOIN ME! Let's paint together!

What My Students Are Saying

"This was the second course I’ve taken with Cathy and it did not disappoint. Cathy has such a warm, thoughtful presence and she immediately makes you feel welcome. She is engaging and knowledgeable and is very active within the course and with all the students. She offers detailed feedback to everyone which I found very helpful. You can’t help but smile when you’re in one of her classes! I feel like I’ve become a more inspired artist since taking her courses and getting to know her." -- Lindsay Peckham Teaching Online for Artists)

"Cathy lights up the room with her joy and positivity. She is a cheerleader for each and every one of her students....I grew so much in this course and I am so grateful to know the wonderful human who is Cathy Nichols! -- Tera Balog (Create Your Own Oracle Deck)

"Cathy is a great instructor with lots of tips and tricks and online presence. The course is well laid out and worth every penny! She’s motivational, positive and so inspiring! I love her pleasant and encouraging manner. This is her third course I have taken and I’m a huge fan." (Treava Pegg Teaching Online for Artists)

"I have learned so many new things from Cathy's workshop and continue to incorporate them into my practice as an artist. As an added bonus, Cathy is so positive, cute and encouraging. She is a joy to create with!!"  -- L:ori Portka (Create Your Own Oracle Deck)


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