Teaching Online For Artists
Teaching Online For Artists
Teaching Online For Artists
Teaching Online For Artists
Teaching Online For Artists
Teaching Online For Artists

Teaching Online For Artists

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Become an Amazing Online Teacher! 

Do you dream of teaching your creative calling online? Do you want to build a community that nurtures and inspires others while earning extra income? Are you ready to teach, but overwhelmed by the technology? Do you want to make friends around the world as you learn to teach online together? You'll learn how to do all of this and more in my newly updated, instant-access version of Teaching Online for Artists (and Solopreneurs). Let's get you ready to teach, shine your light and share your gifts with the world! I am so excited to share this course with you!

And don't forget, your online education is a business expense! :)

Why I created this course:

To be honest, I have always wanted to be a teacher! I got my feet wet as a writing teacher at Colorado State University many moons ago, and it was there that I first fell in love with teaching the creative arts. I changed my focus about 20 years ago to pursuing a career as a visual artist, but I had always wished I could return to the front of the classroom. Luckily, advances in online platforms, smartphones and video conferencing made my dreams possible, and a few years ago, I took the leap as an online teacher. I fell instantly in love with the process, and have since taught several successful online courses (I was even able to buy a new car after launching the first one!) : Create Your Own Oracle DeckOracle JoyPapercadabra and Every Picture Tells a Story. Teaching online has changed my life, bringing me confidence and friendship with students around the globe. Yet there was a time when I felt so confused and overwhelmed about how to actually teach online that I almost never got started.  It was only through years of trial and error that I eventually found my way.  The stress of that learning curve made me realize that there were probably others out there who felt exactly that way. This is why developed Teaching Online for Artists (and Solopreneurs), and I hope that you join me on this amazing journey!

How the Class Works:


Length: The class go-at-your-own-pace. You can start as soon as you register.  I will participate very actively in the course, answering questions as they come up for you and through assignments which will include my feedback once you complete them.  Y The rest of the video course materials are pre-recorded,  so you can download them to keep forever.

Interaction: Yes, this will be an interactive coruse! I know that potential online teachers, more than anyone else, truly need practice and feedback. You have will have the opportunity to submit short video clips, outlines, course ideas and more if you would like feedback. 


What You'll Learn

  • What Class Should You Teach? Choose the best course for YOU to teach right now.
  • Equipment & Tech - Learn exactly what equipment you really need to teach online as an artist. I'll share EVERYTHING I use and why.

  • Solo Filming - Learn the 4 camera shots you need to teach any material and how to film them by yourself.

  •  Structure - Outline your course with student learning in mind, and build a framework for your students to be creative. 

  • Host Your Class- Choose the best place to host your class online based on your goals as a teacher.  I'll help you decide.

LIVE COACHING and Q & A - Weekly Office Hours with Cathy

  • PLUS: Cathy's Tips from the Trenches - Bonus section where I share my wisdom gained from teaching online over the years.  This section will be fun! I'll cover topics like:
- How to look your best in front of the camera (my make-up, lighting & relaxation tips)
- Batch Filming for Ease
- Handling 'Problem' Students
- My Worst Mistake as an Online Teacher and What I Learned from the Experience
Why Artists are Different from other online teachers and how to capitalize on this difference for success!

See my own student testimonials here! Scroll down to see reviews, too!

I look forward to seeing you in class!




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