So Fine
So Fine
Cathy Nichols

So Fine

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"So Fine" is a 12x12x1.5 Mixed Media Painting on canvas inspired by the 1954 top hit song You're So Fine by Little Walter.  My Little Yellow Bird and her crush flew onto this canvas to make a re-appearance! I'm not sure how it happened because I had intended to paint the birds blue, but I guess they reallly wanted to have a reunion!

This is the 14th painting in my "Vintage Vinyl" collection of paintings inspired by songs from 1940-1980. Mixed media elements include hand-printed mono prints, pages from a French romance novel, sheet music and a quote that reads, "There is a place that you can fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, that no one else can do."

The bright orange, pink and yellow zinnias and dahlias here were grown by my neighbor, Emily, at Bouquets for Babes. Proceeds from her flower bouquets go to support women with breast cancer.

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