Dahlia Garden
Dahlia Garden
Cathy Nichols

Dahlia Garden

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Dahlia Garden is a12x12x 2 inch mixed media painting on canvas.

Glorious, extravagant dahlias - so lush, diverse and colorful - are always a reminder that the earth is filled with magic. This little goldfinch is taking a moment to stop and appreciate his good fortune.  Lots of love went into each stroke of this painting as I tried to capture the many nuances of color in these gorgeous blooms.

Flowers include 4 different kinds of dahlias and one small echinacea!

The mixed media layers of this painting include pages from a French romance novel, pages from a fairy tale, original monoprints, handmade Nepalese paper and other snippets of papers from my travels.  

Signed & titled on reverse and fitted with wire to hang on the wall without a frame.



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