"All My Love"
"All My Love"
Cathy Nichols

"All My Love"

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"All My Love" is a 12x12x1.5 Mixed Media Painting on canvas inspired by the top hit song of the same title from 1950.  Two blue hummingbirds frolic amid a July garden filled with  daisies, echinacea, zinnias and a blossoming peony.

This is the 10th painting in my "Vintage Vinyl" collection of paintings inspired by songs from 1940-1980.

 These lyrics are so sweet. Here is a sample:

All My Love, I give you All My Love,
The skies may fall, my love 
But I will still be true.
All my sighs will disappear at last,
Now that you're here at last,
My heart belongs to you.

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