How High the Moon
How High the Moon
Cathy Nichols

How High the Moon

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"How High the Moon" is a 12x12x1.5 Mixed Media Painting on canvas inspired by the top hit song of the same title from 1951 written by Morgan Lewis and Nancy Hamilton and performed to great acclaim by Ella Fitzgerald.  Flowers in this painting include a peony, zinnias, a straw flower and black pansies. 

This is the 11th painting in my "Vintage Vinyl" collection of paintings inspired by songs from 1940-1980. Mixed media elements include hand-printed mono prints,
pages from a French romance novel and a quote from Alexandra Elle that reads, "the sun will rise and set regardless, what we choose to do with the light is up to us. Journey wisely."

The lyrics to How High the Moon are so lovely. Here is a sample:

The darkest night would shine
If you would come to me soon
Until you will, how still my heart
How high the moon

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