Storytelling Art Studio shows you how to create mixed media art that tells impactful stories. It's a creative guide for mining your own life to manifest imaginary worlds, emotional narratives and clever characters. Each chapter presents a new subject--you may paint a tree, collage a landscape or use sgraffito to create a scene. You will begin with inspirational warm-up exercises, then learn how to do it with a step-by-step demonstration and even get to see alternate versions of the piece that explore the magic and impact of different choices. This book is available through Penguin Random House as well as other venues like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Powell's. :)

Storytelling Art Studio Book with the Author
Perfect for you no matter what your skill level or style, this book does not have to be read in order. Simply choose what you would like to do and go for it! You might:

  • Paint and collage trees and landscapes
  • Create a romantic scene with sgraffito
  • Add color to black and white photographs
  • Alter a book page
  • Create a family tree with ephemera
  • And much, much more!

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