The Soulmate Oracle Cloth
The Soulmate Oracle Cloth
The Soulmate Oracle Cloth
The Soulmate Oracle Cloth
Cathy Nichols

The Soulmate Oracle Cloth

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The Soulmate Oracle Cloth is a cloth to be used for all of your oracle and tarot readings. It is also a bright, colorful altar cloth that you can use to display sacred items in your home or use as a wall hanging. The cloth features a painting designed by me that is in tune with sacred geometry and developed alongside a special "Soulmate Spread" to help you give readings of love for yourself and others.

Dimensions & Materials:

This new larger cloth measures 24 x 29 inches. It is made of 100% polyester and is washable. The size makes it perfect for readings, and it also comes with hardware to clip the cloth up like a wall hanging when not in use!

Each cloth comes with directions for laying out, reading and interpreting your cards with the cloth.

The Story of the Soulmate Oracle Cloth

I designed the Soulmate Oracle Cloth after noticing how many of my clients asked for readings about love: ‘Who is my true love? Is my current relationship the “right” one? How can my spouse and I connect at a higher level?’

To answer their questions, I came up with the painting on the cloth and the spread shown. I did many test readings and meditations on how to move energy through the layout and developed symbolism to represent each part of the story and corresponding placement of the cards. When I completed the painting, I was amazed to find that my layout aligned perfectly sacred geometry! I decided to include the “Seeds of Life” within the center of the painting as it symbolizes growth, creation and seeds for enlightenment.

The Soulmate Spread is designed to answer deeper questions not only about the two lovers but about the gifts they bring to each other and the larger community. Sometimes these gifts are the reason you have come together, and recognizing your connection to family, friends and the world itself puts your relationship into a broader perspective and can reveal your union’s higher purpose.

You can use your pretty cloth for MANY different readings, and I hope that understanding the origins of its design will inspire your own creative spreads as well!

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