Oracle Joy! - Completing the Deck of Your Dreams
Cathy Nichols

Oracle Joy! - Completing the Deck of Your Dreams

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Oracle Joy – A Year Long Course to Complete Your Oracle Deck!

*Class is recommended for students who have completed "Create Your Own Oracle Deck." *

Congratulations, you have completed my 5-week intensive study, “Complete Your Own Oracle Deck!” The work from this course has been profoundly beautiful, and I want nothing more than to see your vision come to fruition. I know how hard it can be to stay focused and motivated when working on a series of this breadth. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone when undertaking such a large project. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve created Oracle Joy to give you the support, encouragement and technical skills to help you not only finish your deck but to publish it and get it to the audience who will love to use it every day!

What Class Includes:

- 25 additional wood blanks

- An oracle archetype assigned for group study and painting every 2 weeks plus inspiration and collage resources relating to that archetype. This will create group unity and encourage us to shine.  Yet, as always, you are free to create more or fewer cards of your choice. All students will receive feedback and mentoring on their decks as they evolve.

  • Personal feedback and tailored guidance on your deck so far (from me)
  • A new card assignment every 2 weeks to keep you motivated 
  • Background on each theme's symbolism & inspiration boards from art and history
  •  Links to clip art that goes along with themes
  •  A new technique video  each month to help you learn new skills and expand your artistic repertoire on topics like: 
  • Creative Visualization
  • Drawing people
  • Image Transfer
  • Creating Compelling, Diverse Backgrounds with Mixed Media
  • Integrating Gold Leaf
  • Photographing Your Work for Social Media and Beyond
  • Developing your own unique cast of Characters 
  • Photoshop editing for your Tags & Beyond
  • More detailed instruction on how to Publish, Package, Write Interpretations and Sell Your Deck
  • The opportunity to have your deck showcased in a pop-up shop I am creating!
  • Bonus Surprise Videos & MORE

How class works:

You will work at your own pace throughout the course with two new recommended archetypes assigned each month.  You will stay connected with others artists through our lively closed Facebook Group, and I will always be available to answer your questions and give advice along the journey.  

Note: A monthly subscription plan is also available through my class platform, Ruzuku.  Email me at for a link to sign up for the monthly option.


  • ** This class is recommended for students who have completed "Create Your Own Oracle Deck" **

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