NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit
Cathy Nichols

Create Your Own Oracle Deck E-Course & Kit

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E-Course: Create Your Own Oracle Deck & Kit

 *When you purchase this kit, you will receive an invitation to join the e-course AND I will mail you the physical supplies via USPS.*  (I will email you a link to enroll in the class after you purchase the kit -- so be sure that your email is current here on Etsy.)
Your Kit Includes:
• (25) 3x5 inch wood blanks 
• Deck Journal with Oracle Chosen Just for You (and I'll show you how to embellish it)
• Access to all videos and course materials, including digital downloads with pre-formatted theme tags for your cards, a color wheel, mini color psychology poster and more!

Online Course Description:
Get ready for 5 weeks of joyous mixed-media exploration as I lead you through the process of manifesting your own unique oracle deck. In our time together, you will reconnect with the expressive, intuitive self and the magic you carry within. We will use paint, color, chance, synchronicity, storytelling, and the wisdom of ancient divination to guide our journey.
Our gathering of creative energy will be a safe space for artists of all abilities - there is a wonderful ongoing closed Facebook Group for all members of the class and a curated Instagram account dedicated to sharing our endeavors . You will create an original deck based on your own level of experience and infused with your artistic voice.
I will be very active in the class and available for group discussions and sharing.

How the class works:
Each week, for a total of 5 weeks, you will receive a new set of 5-6 video tutorials and digital downloads that will help you to create your deck.  You will have access to all of these materials for a full 6 months, so there is no need to feel rushed.
What we'll explore in the class:
Creating and collecting papers and collage materials (I'll share my mono-printing technique, sources for ephemera and tips on how to organize for efficiency.)
Conquering the blank canvas
Loosening up with chance
Using color for expression, balance and composition in your deck
Using story and symbol
Creating animal and people cards
Inviting synchronicity
How to do simple oracle readings for yourself and others
Packaging, publishing and selling your deck
Throughout the course, you will be finding and honing your voice as a storyteller and illustrator through working on this amazing small series of paintings!

About me:
I have created 2 oracle decks: the Story Cards Deck and my forthcoming Synchronicity Deck. I also have a master's degree in English Literature (where I learned about storytelling in art as well as symbolism across cultures) and am the author of the book, Storytelling Art Studio (available through North Light Books). I have been a painter and reader of oracle (and Tarot) cards for nearly two decades! I look forward to sharing all I know with you so that you, too, can bring your unique oracle deck to fruition!

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