what students are saying about 'create Your Own Oracle Deck' 

"I had the good fortune to attend the oracle deck class on long island given by the talented and insightful Cathy Nichols.  It was an environment where we got to explore our intuition, our sisterhood and our inner child by expressing ourselves using different techniques - painting, collage,  stamping,  transfer,  drawing - to manifest a reflection of our understanding of universal archetypes in our collective psyches.  The energy of creation and  camaraderie gave us a profound 2 days.  We made abundant beautiful tiny art!"

-- Lisa Brownstein


"The Create Your Own Oracle Deck Workshop was an amazing experience.  I’m a lawyer by trade so the opportunity to spend a weekend creating under the eye of Cathy Nichols was incredible.  She provided materials that helped spark the process and showed us cool techniques to make our cards sparkle.  I also had the opportunity to make art with some super talented women! I definitely recommend this class and can’t wait to take another class with Cathy."


-- Jennifer A. Casey

magic candle.png

I had the most wonderful learning experience at Cathy Nichols's "Create Your Own Oracle Deck" workshop. It was my first time taking a class like this and it was so much fun. I loved how the workshop was structured with the tools and exercises she presented us. That allowed us to flourish in our art and creativity, while tapping into our intuition. Cathy is not only a talented artist, but a warm and encouraging teacher. Thank you so much Cathy!


--L. Trenk


Cathy’s workshop was wonderful! The instruction was inspirational, informative and thorough. We also produced a lot of work in a short amount of time and I’m still creating more because of it! I highly recommend taking a workshop with Cathy you will be inspired and enlightened both by her beautiful artwork and her personality :)

-- Doreen Mulryan