How Do I Teach My OWN online class?

I use Ruzuku - it's simple and beautiful.

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I have had quite a few people ask me how I got started with my online courses. I know many of my customers are also creatives themselves and have dreamed of sharing their talents as an online teacher. I considered many free platforms for my class -- everything from Vimeo to Facebook Live to Periscope (yes there are some old videos on there of me teaching encaustic!). Ultimately, I decided upon Ruzuku for teaching my classes because I love the cozy feel of the safe, protected classroom environment and because they make organizing the class a breeze. I also love the way Ruzuku supports live video conferencing and responds within minutes to any customer service questions. If you take one of my online courses, know you will be in safe hands in a very private, easy-to-navigate setting. You can learn more about my teaching platform here