Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set
Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set
Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set
Blue Apatite
Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set
Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set
Cathy Nichols

Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set

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Crystals are a wonderful way to center yourself during meditation, oracle readings and to enhance specific chakras.  After much research, I've created this set of 4 crystal palm stones designed specifically for oracle-reading. These Madagascar crystals promote psychic awareness, clarity of vision, healing, creativity and compassion -- all wonderful additions to self-care and readings.  The set comes in a pale pink velvet pouch with one-sheet directions for use. 

How to Use the Crystal Vision Palm Stone Set

I like to choose a stone appropriate to my intentions as a reader and hold it while asking questions of my oracle cards.  The stones are also a great way to transfer energy between yourself and a friend while doing readings for others! Have the friend hold the stone while thinking of a question. Then they can pass the stone back to you so forge a spiritual connection between you both.  This has given me incredibly clear readings!

The 4 Crystal Vision Stones

Labradorite 3.5 cm --  Psychic Abilities and Synchronicity.  Labradorite is known as the magician's stone because it helps awaken one's unique magical abilities. Labradorite increases psychic ability, intuition and awareness of synchronicities. It is also particularly useful for self-discovery, including shadow archetypes, and transformation. Use during dusk and dawn for amplification.

Selenite 2.5 cm -- Cleansing.  Known as the Master Crystal, Selenite has the highest vibration of any crystal and can be used to cleanse and recharge the other crystals in your collection. Great for cleansing your crystals, space and aura before and after oracle readings.  Selenite is also a conduit to all that is infinite – spirit guides, the universe, and intuition.

Clear Quartz 4 cm -- Clarity.  Before doing any reading, I always ask for 'love, light and clarity of vision.' This powerful crystal amplifies and focuses our intentions and clears our chakras so that we may may better conduits for messages during oracle readings. Clear quartz has been used by many ancient civilizations to expand consciousness.

Blue Apatite 3 cm -- Creativity and Positivity. This set wouldn't be complete without a stone to bolster our imagination and help us to manifest compassionate goals. This beautiful heart-shaped Blue Apatite stone clears away confusion, apathy and negativity and helps us to generate new ideas for the collective good. 

I have also chosen the Crystal Vision Palm Stones to work with my Soulmate Oracle Cloth. Each stone has a designated spot on the cloth based on its properties.


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